Typographic Design:

Form and Communication

Fourth Edition

Animated Website Flash Pages

Sandra Wheeler
Bryan Kepleski
Nancy Digman
April Meyer

Virginia Commonwealth University

Using only the letters of the alphabet and punctuation, students created a ten-second (120 frame) typographic narrative with an expressive aspect. After concepts were developed through preliminary sketches, storyboards were produced to explore the conversion of still images to sequential frames representing motion over time.

The storyboards reveal and emphasize that type as a formal element is rooted not only in space but also in time. As such it offers endless possibilities for exploring rhythmic and sequential structures. The storyboards provided the plan for the animated sequence using a 550 pixel x 400 pixel stage size and frame rate of twelve frames per second. Designing ten-second typographic animations develops an ability to create kinetic typographic splash pages for Web sites.

Basic Elements of Typeface Design