Typographic Design:

Form and Communication

Fourth Edition

Type as Metaphor

Warren Lehrer
Kerry DeBruce
Nakyoung Sung
Jason Marconi

SUNY Purchase

About this project, Lehrer states, “Students investigate a subject. Working with one to three primary texts, they develop four panels that approach typography as metaphor. The first panel is composed of paragraphs, sentences, phrases. The second panel, individual words. The third panel, syllables. The last panel, individual letters. Through research, critical thinking, mind-mapping, and experimentation, students give form to metaphoric implications through compositional arrangement, juxtaposition, and typographic manipulation.

This project can really help design students go beyond utilitarian, over-literal, or preordained approaches to typography. The examples shown here are from my Advanced Typography class at the School of Art+Design, SUNY Purchase, and from an Experimental Typography class I taught at The Cooper Union. I was first introduced to a variation of the Type as Metaphor project by Mike Schmidt (University of Memphis) who picked it up from Andrew Blauvelt.”

Basic Elements of Typeface Design